Quality educators who children adore - and who adore children

Get to know Mount Zion's incredible teachers
Get to know Mount Zion's incredible teachers

Mount Zion educators pride themselves in creating a warm, stimulating, creative and loving environment.

A welcoming environment that is filled with dedicated educators who nurture your children, care for them and prepare them for life.

Educators who will instill independence, trust and confidence in the children who are in their care.

Qualified educators who are committed to their own ongoing professional development, gaining experience and new ways of engaging with contemporary early childhood teaching and learning practices.

Educators are supported by a wide range of Early Childhood professionals who provide expertise to support and guide children’s individual programs.

Educators who help you and your child create a lifetime of memories to take forward with them.

Get to know Mount Zion's incredible teachers
Get to know Mount Zion's incredible teachers

Meet Our Team


Ashne Grill

Director of Mount Zion Early Learning Centre

“I feel very blessed to be part of the Mount Zion Family.

My teaching philosophy is based on the following principles - to work closely with parents, to inspire educators and to facilitate interactions that allow each child to develop to their full potential"


Luanne Lobel

Qualified teacher, Head teacher of Prachim classroom

“I have been teaching for over 20 years. I feel so fortunate to work in a field that I feel so passionate about and being part of our centre, where we focus on allowing each child to reach their full potential.”


Michelle Bailey

Diploma qualified teacher, Prachim classroom

“I have a background in design, so different types of art activities and experiences are a big part of the learning in our class. I am in my third year at Mount Zion and love teaching and working here.”


Sonia Espacio Alcaide

Diploma qualified teacher in all classrooms


Hannah Berger

Qualified teacher, Head teacher of Nitzanim classroom

Shlomit Feuer

Certificate III qualified teacher, Nitzanim classroom

“I am part of the Mount Zion team and love being here around all the children. I look after them, support them & encourage them to achieve their individual best.”


Anat Lavi

Diploma qualified Hebrew teacher


Belinda Selby

Diploma qualified, head teacher Nevatim classroom

"I love creating a warm, nurturing and enriching environment for the children and their families. I'm particularly focused on encouraging the children to be independent, wholesome and thoughtful people and nurturing their self-esteem."


Lin Bernard

Certificate III teacher Nevatim classroom

"I have been at Mount Zion for many years and love working, interacting, teaching and supporting the children in and out of the classroom."


Georgina Aguilera

Qualified teacher in Nevatim classroom

Liat Chen

Certificate III teacher Nevatim classroom

Dina 2021









Velvel Lederman

Jewish studies educator, bringing unique enthusiasm and experience to present rich and meaningful messages


Nicole Lewis

Co-ordinator of sustainable practice

“I visit Mount Zion teaching the children about nature, sustainability & aboriginal culture. The children develop a love and respect for the world they live in and are encouraged to care for & be responsible about the environment.”


Lynne Edelman

Mount Zion Administrator

"I am here to support our staff & families. I love coming to work every day & being part of an amazing team."