Educational Excellence that Goes Beyond the Classroom


Our education program, for 2 to 5 year olds, will prepare your child for success in school and life, while building a strong connection to their Jewish heritage and community.

At Mount Zion, we are committed to your child’s overall development and wellbeing, preparing them for their successful transition into school.

Core to our curriculum and culture is a strong grounding in Jewish values.

These inherent values permeate into a warm feeling of ‘belonging’, of being a part of our Jewish environment and to building a strong Jewish identity and a connection to our community.

We follow a play based curriculum, so you can be assured that your child is being immersed in an evolving program that is based on the interests of the children, the Early Learning Years framework and our Jewish philosophies.


Mount Zion Early Learning Centre proudly meets all of the requirements ofthe National Quality Framework, mandated by the Commonwealth and State Governments regarding standards for early childhood education. The National Quality Framework comprises of seven quality areas, 18 standards and 58 elements.

Jewish Life is at the Heart of Mount Zion

Our curriculum and teaching activities incorporate the sharing of stories, celebration of festivals and embracing traditions. Your child will participate in a wide variety learning opportunities and meaningful experiences so that they come to know and love their Jewish life and learning.

Uncle Velvel Lederman, our Jewish Studies educator, and Anat Lavi, our Hebrew teacher, visit each classroom every week and show your child that Hebrew is a living language and, importantly, begin to feel a strong connection to Israel. Many of our staff speak Hebrew and inculcate Hebrew words in everyday interactions with our children.

It is through our celebration of our festivals and traditions that our families come to feel a stronger connection to their own Jewish identities, and so in partnership with our families, we build a strong foundation and a community spirit.

Weekly Shabbat celebrations are fun and meaningful either in individual class groups or together as a whole Centre. There are times when we invite our families to join us, and other times when we go out into the community to celebrate with others, in particular our friends at the Montefiore Home.


Family Involvement

We believe that our home is an extension of your home, and that by partnering with our families, through shared goals and activities such as observing Jewish festivals, your child will thrive. The involvement of our families is integral to Mount Zion providing education that goes beyond the classroom.

We encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to be involved in our activities so that your child truly does feel at home.

Families are the primary care-givers, and your input in planning for your child’s education is essential and deeply valued. We recognise that families have particular strengths and interests so we encourage participation in many different ways.

Family participation is supported by regular newsletters and information as well as resources to enable you to know the songs for prayers and celebrations that your child is learning.